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Film Threat

Film Threat video. Written review by Alan Ng is here & on Rotten Tomatoes.Rotten Tomatoe

IndyRed Independent Film Review

Review from IndyRed. 3/5 stars.

“Inheritance, Italian Style” is a

damn good one. Bremner’s film

eventually hits its stride, and

frankly? It was delightful.

IndyRed Feature Film Review: Inheritance Italian Style

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Caturday Nite
Caturday Nite Film Reviews

this story moves along

at a fast pace, the characters came

across as distinct from each other

and everything flowed well

with the dialogue…

Caturday Nite Film Reviews

Video Review from Caturday Nite.

Take2IndieReview written review.

Video Review from John Sweeney on his Youtube film review site “Two Beers…. and a Movie” and also on twitter.

Background story in Italian published originally in La Sicilia newspaper “Our Sicily Far from the Stereotypes.”

Bill Meeker review on Turnabout Media

Archive of the review here.

Quirky Films
Review on QuirkyFilms on twitter here and here.
Scared Stiff Reviews

Review on “Scared Stiff Reviews



Rotten Tomatoes

Interview on Madame Perry’s Salon, December 20, 2021. Listen here.

Madame Perry’s Salon
Listen to the recording of the interview.

Review from Rotten Tomatoes approved critic Evan Dossey on Midwest Film Journal.Rotten Tomatoe

…charming, silly comedy with a good cast and solid “we can get this thing done” energy… definitely entertaining and endearing.

Evan Dossey on Midwest Film Journal.
UK Film Review

Composer James Stone does a great contribution with the score.

UK Film Review. Read here.
8/10 stars from Rotten Tomatoes critic Mike Szymanski

Funny family melodrama dished up in Inheritance Italian Style.

Film critic Mike Szymanski. Read full review here.
Tony Asankomah of GHMovieFreak.com

It is commendable how the writer/director Doug Bremner is able to weave these many characters together while using limited space to detail so much about them and their relationships with each other.

Rotten Tomatoes film critic Tony Asankomah writing on GHMovieFreak.com

Read the full review on GHMovieFreak.com here.

Staci Layne Wilson

…the characters are broadly drawn, with majority of males being sex or/and money-hungry dogs. Interplay between family of females is more complex, bringing into play what it means to be part of a dysfunctional but loving family.

Staci Layne Wilson, Rotten Tomatoes approved film critic, writing on ‘Fantastica-Daily.’

Read full review here.

Husband and wife team at Road Rash Reviews.

Comedy fans who like old style humour will love this film… Why is it the kids always have the wisdom?

Inheritance Italian Style review at Road Rash Reviews.

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Script to Indie film review site.

It’s the family angle that plays a huge role in this movie, and its an angle the film gets right.

Script to Indie Film Review of Inheritance Italian Style

3/5 stars. Read the full review here.

“The fact that the husbands all

end up in the same place is hilarious…

there is also a hopeful and

heartwarming ending…”

22 Indie Street film review of Inheritance Italian Style.

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RWR Movie Reviews

Inheritance Italian Style provides a story that will captivate the interest of people into the indie film genre.

Ryan Conway writing on RWR Movie Reviews.

Read the full review on Letterboxd here.

3/5 stars. Read the full review here.

Follow him on twitter here and see his video reviews here.

Alejandro Turdó

“Echoes Italian comedies from 60s and 70s but with a millennial twist”

Alejandro Turdó writing on Get That Movie video film review site.

Watch the review here.

The All Bro’s Movie Review Podcast of Inheritance Italian Style.

70.2/100 “Solid acting, snappy soundtrack, really good story.”

Listen to the podcast here and follow them here on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Third Eye Movie Review of Inheritance Italian Style.

3/5 stars. “Hilarious indie comedy.”

Read the full review here. Follow on twitter and instagram.

Film Carnage. 6/10 stars

“The style feels like antics

of 70s or 80s comedy…”

Read full review here.